My dad was a professional music teacher and my mom was an accomplished piano player and, in fact, my entire family was very musical. I was the only one who had not been involved, yet, in learning to play a musical instrument. My parents enrolled me in cello lessons, yes the cello, even though I had absolutely no interest in learning how to play it. So, it began. Lesson after lesson I endured but rebelling at the time it took to practice – I’d rather have been outside playing with my friends. Finally, I just quit practicing and my music teacher told my parents that I was hopeless. Great – no more cello lessons. The music story doesn’t end here, it goes on to where I figured out that I truly missed playing the cello. I guess for me, I had to be the one who made the decision.  My parents were just trying to do what they thought was best and I truly appreciate them for giving me the guidance and the freedom to become the person I am today.

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