“Growing up , I felt the need to be perfect.  Nothing I did was ever right or good enough.  I had so much rage and anger that I could never meet my parents’ expectations.  I swore that I would do things differently.  However, by the time I reached my thirties I could hear my parents’ critical voices speaking through me because I was using the same words spoken to me.  I then started seeing a physiologist and, after years of therapy, he helped me see that I could change what I had experienced as a child and become a more pleasant human being.  It’s not to say that I don’t revert back to old behaviors from time to time, but when it happens I now have the tools to get back on track.  It’s truly been an incredible journey. I have since forgiven my parents’ which has freed me from the emotional ties of my childhood.  Today, I have a great wife, two beautiful children and a life I’m proud of.”

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