“I’ll be turning 91 years old this August.  I served in the army for to 22 years, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I retired from the army as a Colonel, a Green Beret as well as a 32nd degree Mason.  One of my favorite stories I like to share is the time I was stationed in Hawaii in the early 1950’s.  My General informed me that there was going to be a movie filmed on the island and they needed my troop to participate in this film.  A bus arrived to pick up me and my guys.  Once we arrived on the set I was instructed to line my men up and was told one of the film’s actors would be out soon to begin the scene, one in which he would address the assembled troops.  The actor comes out, walks up to one of my guys and asked, in a stern voice, “what is your name?”  The solider replied, “Sam sir.”  Again, now with a condescending and disrespectful tone, the actor asked, “what is your name?” and again he responded, “Sam sir.”  He began to berate Sam and the rest of the troops.  Well, at that point I had enough.  I called my troops to attention and marched them back on the bus.  No one was going to treat my men like that.  Within the hour, I received a call from the General asking why I had marched my men off as the production company was furious.   I explained what had happened and the General said “good for you”, I had done the right thing.  The next morning, I received a visit, from the actor’s agent, begging me to come back with my guys and complete the scene.  I said, “what are you going to do for me?”  He asked, “what do you want?”  I said, “I want pool tables, with cues and balls and I want steaks and beer for all my men.”  He answered, “I can’t get all of that.” I said, “well I guess we’re done here.”  Now of course, the film crew was on a strict timeline and this delay was not helping their cause.  But I was not going to put my guys back in front of that asshole.  A few days later, a truck full of pool tables, cues, balls, steaks and beer arrived to our compound.  I was then asked, by the actor’s agent, “are you ready to come back to the set?”  I replied, “no, there’s one more thing.”  The agent said, “I’ve given you everything you asked for what else do you want?”  I said, “I want that actor to apologize to that solider, to me and my men.”  He replied, “oh no. I’ll never be able to get him to do that.”  And again I said, “we’re done here.”  As expected, I received word that the actor would comply to my request and report to the set in the morning.  My men were lined up, ready to go and the actor comes out of his trailer, walks up to Sam and says, “I deeply apologize for mistreating you.” And then repeats the same sentiment to me and my men.  The movie “From Here To Eternity” finished filming and garnered 8 Oscars, including one for the Best Supporting Actor who apologized to my men, Frank Sinatra.”

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